Time to Change to E3 Performance Spark Plugs?

Time to Change to E3 Performance Spark Plugs?

Like changing your own oil, changing your spark plugs is a relatively simple car maintenance task which anyone with just a bit of technical know-how can perform. Also like changing your oil, changing your spark plugs may seem like a complicated and daunting task. We're here to put that idea to rest.

Always consult your owner's manual before making any self-repairs to your vehicle. Models vary greatly and you may have a few special steps other car owners don't. For most vehicles, the first step is to remove the wires from the spark plug. This will allow you to see down into the engine where the top of the plug will be visible. Before going any further, inspect the chamber for any water or debris and remove it before removing the plug as it can fall into your engine.

Always Use the Right Ignition Tools

Always use the right ignition tools when working on your car or truck. At your auto parts store, you can get good advice and any special tools you need to replace your plugs. After removing the plug, inspect the electrode for wear and/or carbon buildup. If the electrode is worn-out, it will appear rounded instead of flat. Lastly, inspect for corrosion or carbon build-up around the plug as well as the gasket and spark plug insulator.

Where to Buy E3 Automotive Spark Plugs

When it is time to replace your plugs, you can order the correct E3 performance spark plugs for your vehicle online or purchase your parts from any of our authorized dealers. Our website features a helpful guide for this, as will your local auto parts store. E3 Spark Plugs for automotive and powersports applications have a unique multi-leg ground electrode that is pre-gapped at our factory to meet the O.E. requirements for the vehicles they are listed to fit. No further gapping is required. When installing the new plugs, it is best practice to use a torque wrench for accuracy. You'll also want to install the plugs on a cold cylinder head to reduce the risk of cross-threading and damaging the cylinder. When reconnecting the wires to the new plug, you may want to use dielectric grease to make future wire removal easier and ensure sufficient contact with the new plug.

Repeat these steps for the remaining cylinders and you'll be experiencing the power of E3 performance spark plugs in no time.