I saw a show on hotrod tv, they did a feature on your E3 plugs. I love old musclecars but my everyday driver is a 2007 dodge caliber. I live in Canada and I put almost 100 miles on my car daily. It was time for a tune up and decided to spend the extra money for a set of your E3s. At first I really didn't notice a lot, but for whatever reason I seem to be getting another 60 to 75 miles on a fill up, and at the price of gas it really helps! Nice to see a product that does what they say will do as a lot of products come and go -- your E3s went beyond what I ever expected. So just a note to say thank you and to say that your E3 plugs ROCK.

Kevin Atwater

Hamilton Ont Canada

Own a 1984 Mustang Hatchback with a 2.3L (non EFI) and C-4 trans which I bought on Ebay. Car got 23mpg, but couldn't get out of it's own way. After installing a set of E-3s and synthetic oil, the mpg was boosted to 26.5 and there was a noticable increase in power!!!! Thanks!!! You made a believer out of me.

Gary Steele

I have installed E3 plugs in three vehicles: 1930 Model A (350 SBC stock) resulting in faster starts, better manners during cold running, smoother idle, lower fuel consumption. 1979 Chevy LUV (stock 1.8) resulting in all of the above benefits plus better performance in the lower rpm range. 1962 Ford Falcon Wagon (Modified street 302) resulting in much smoother idle, usable performance at lower rpms than previously achievable, smoother running overall, an ability to idle the engine at a lower rpm than before. The E3 plugs gave noticeable improvements in each vehicle immediately. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting to get the most from the vehicle they drive. I tell everyone I can about them whenever the opportunity arises. This is a quality product!

Alfred Kramp

I have a 2003 Mazda Protege 5 that is far from stock anymore. I am running a set of E3's and am getting 28 - 30 mpg depending on my right foot. I was getting 26 - 28 before. I also have a 1992 lifted Dodge Dakota 4X4 with a 318V8. I am also running a set of E3's. Can't complain with that choice either. My other truck is a 1950 Chevy with 355 HP GM Performance ZZ4 under the hood. I plan on dropping another 8 E3's into my rat rod when it's time for new plugs. I'm very happy with the plugs.


Prescott, Arizona

We have a 1997 Isuzu trooper with over 225,000 miles and were going on a trip about 2,000 miles long, and stock mileage is 14 to 17. After using your E3 plugs our mileage went up to 18 to 23 mpg depending on the driving hills or flat road. We love your plugs and are worth every penny, they paid for themselves just on this trip and more power too! Thanks