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Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Few things in life can compete with the energy you feel when you twist the throttle on your motorcycle. Whether you're buckling the boot straps to crawl on a motocross bike or just cruising the local strip on your favorite road ride, E3 motorcycle spark plugs will deliver a consistent spark to your engine. In independent tests by academic engineering-research labs, E3 spark plugs were shown to improve horsepower when compared to conventional and premium plugs of leading manufacturer's.

If your decision to purchase a motorcycle was based on today's higher gas prices, when you choose E3 motorcycle spark plugs for your favorite ride, you get an added advantage. Our plugs help engines run more efficiently by burning the fuel more completely. If the air fuel mixture is not burned completely, excess amounts of the un-burned fuel is released during the engine's exhaust cycle. In the presence of E3's flame front, there's more opportunity for the residual mixture to ignite under the rise of pressure and temperature inside the chamber.

One thing all bikers hate is the dreaded "bog" or lack of response when they hit the throttle. After all, half the fun of riding a bike is the overwhelming feeling of acceleration. E3 motorcycle spark plugs can restore life to your aging engine by providing a more complete burn. And.. a cleaner burn means a reduction of carbon build-up on critical components inside your motorcycle engine. Over the long haul, that can save you money on costly engine maintenance while improving the quality of the air you breathe.

For perfect combustion to occur, all of the air-fuel mixture in your motorcycle's engine would have burned at a point where a constant volume was reached inside the combustion chamber. In reality, this never happens and un-burned gases are exposed to hot metal surfaces inside the engine before they are exhausted. Typically, the older the plug the less efficient the burn, so before you throw your leg over your favorite ride, consider replacing your spark plugs with fresh E3 motorcycle spark plugs and find out for yourself why our plugs are "Born to Burn."