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E3 has become a major sponsor of racing events from the grassroots short tracks in the Midwest to top national series like the NHRA. During that time, we have shared many of the most exciting moments in amateur and professional racing history with our loyal racing fans. Today, our fan base has grown to overwhelming numbers as our t-shirts, stickers and hats can be seen at tracks every week. Our most sincere thanks to all of our partners, race teams, officials, competitors and our loyal E3 fans.

Several years ago, we jumped at the opportunity to join the Team Lucas marketing program. Lucas Oil owns and operates multiple racing series, and E3 is one of the companies that partners with them through a sponsorship program as a named affiliate for hundreds of sanctioned racing events. The Team Lucas events are focused on grass roots and primetime racing that includes, late model dirt racing, modified series, off road truck racing, drag boat racing and pro pulling tractor events as well as stadium sponsorhip for the Indianapolis Colts.

Today, E3 Racing Spark Plugs continues to support the vision of the Team Lucas partners as well as racing fans from around the globe. E3 is pleased to participate in these diverse racing programs and expects our partnerships will continue to grow. With the learning experience of the past, now our company is able to get into the very fabric of racing with its new E3 racing plug line. Using its patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode, E3 is able to bring a quality product with performance benefits to today's racer.

E3's patented Edge-to-Edge design improves upon the phenomena that caused racers to cut ordinary electrode spark plugs in order to increase the number of sharp edges and improve the spark discharge. Given the short time interval for combustion to occur, engine builders have always known that the faster you can get the flame to the piston from a racing spark plug, the better. Some of our competitor's designs actually get in the way of the flame kernel as it travels toward the combustion area. The E3 DiamondFIRE design is open at the end, so the spark travels directly toward the air-fuel mixture which maximizes the burn. The result is a faster flame kernel, a more complete combustion, greater power and higher fuel efficiency.

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