Your Wimpy ATV’s Got NOTHIN’ On this Badass Russian Ride

We here at E3 Spark Plugs have no idea who Alexei Gargashyan. But we’re pretty sure we’d like to spend a day with him conquering the globe in his badass wheeled creation. Dubbed the SHERP, this just might be the first all-terrain vehicle that truly lives up to the description.

On land, it tops out at 28 miles per hour. So, it while it might not get you to work on time and certainly won’t win you any races, the SHERP will get you literally anywhere else you want to go on a day off and lend some serious bragging rights. Its enormous wheels can handle anything the earth throws at it, including deep snow and ice. And, its tire treads are designed to propel it trough water, too.

This mini truck/tank can easily plow over rocks, fallen trees and concrete barriers and has easily traversed areas where humans rarely venture, including the most distant corners of Tundra, Siberian Taiga, mountain of Kola Peninsula and swamps of the Yugra. 

Of course, it’ll cost you. The price tag currently is at $65,000. Oh, but the one-upmanship on your buddy’s wimp of a conventional ATV just might prove totally worth it. Check it out…


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