Woman and Four-Legged Friend Set Off on Epic Cross-Country Journey

Have you ever thought of jettisoning the mundane day-to-day and taking off with your best buddy for the road trip to end all road trips, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Adventurer and storyteller Mallory Paige is doing just that with her trusty, four-legged, goggle-donning friend Baylor (a Labrador retriever) tagging along in a KLR650 motorcycle sidecar dubbed Rufio.

Their epic road trip began in June 2015 and is being documented for the world on the pair’s website, Operation Moto Dog. Their aim is to make stops in every US State and Canadian province, as well as Mexico, sharing amazing experiences and stories along the way. Thus far, they’ve hiked to an alpine lake in Colorado, battled a mosquito swarm while camping in the Florida Everglades, and doing stand-up paddleboarding in Alaska. Along the way, she’s had a breakdown or two, but in every case, locals turned out to make repairs and get the daring duo back on the road.

Making the journey all the more impressive is knowing that, before the trip, Paige had never driven a motorcycle, had zero engine knowledge and little camping experience.

"All I had was a vision of the adventurer I wanted to become—a courageous motorcycle rider and woman of the wilds," she told reporters recently. "The kind of person willing to take on a challenge in order to grow and learn."

We here at E3 Spark Plugs are loving following Paige and Baylor on their epic road trip. Have you ever hit the road with your pet for an adventure-filled jaunt? Post your stories and pics on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.  



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