Winter Maintenance for Your Power Tools Starts with E3 Spark Plugs

Show your powertools some wintertime TLC with tips from E2 Spark Plugs. They'll thank you come springtime.

It’s wintertime, which means your grass ain’t growing and you’re soaking up some sofa time and planning your Super Bowl party. Meanwhile, your lawn mower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and chainsaw are stowed away in a lonely corner of your garage collecting dust. E3 Spark Plugs offers a few tips to show your trusty lawn and garden power tools a little wintertime TLC so they’ll be revved up and ready for springtime.

  1. Give ‘em a good cleaning. Use a high-pressure spray to douse the underside of your lawn mower. This will help clear away stuck-on-grass, dirt and other debris. Wipe down your chainsaw to remove oil and wood chips. And use an air hose to blow clean your leaf blower and hedge trimmers.
  2. Drain ‘em. Any power tools that run on four-stroke engines should be drained of oil at the end of each season. Flushing the oil chamber with a flushing oil will give your small engine a thorough cleaning. Pour the correct amount of new oil into the crankshaft and tighten down the drain plug before storing your tools away for the cold season.
  3. Check for rust. If you spot rust on a painted part, apply a bit of fresh paint around it to keep the rust from spreading. On non-painted parts, apply a bit of oil or corrosion block.
  4. Check for and replace any broken, damaged or worn grips, cables or belts.
  5. Remove and sharpen or replace dull lawn mower, hedge trimmer and chainsaw blades.
  6. Make a list of all the replacement parts you’ll need to get your lawn and garden power tools back in new working order. A set of E3 lawn and garden spark plugs, air filters, coils or ignition parts, new oil and gas are likely to be on your list. If you haven’t already, make a list of all your power tools’ model and serial numbers to make your shopping trip quick and easy.

Follow these tips and you’ll be back to sofa surfing and Super Bowl partying in no time. And you’ll have peace of mind that all your lawn and garden power tools will power up with no trouble come springtime. Be sure to visit the E3 Spark Plugs online catalog to find the right spark plugs for your lawn and garden power tools and visit our website to find a nearby retailer stocked with E3 lawn and garden spark plugs.


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