Which Was the Best Spooky Family Car – The Munster’s Koach or the Addams Family’s Packard V-12?

The Munster Koach

Munster’s Koach: Designed and built by the legendary George Barris (famous for creating the first Batmobile), the Koach was hand-crafted from three Model T bodies and measured a kind of ridiculous 18 feet long. Of course, the six-door touring roadster had to be that long to accommodate Grandpa’s rolling laboratory and Eddie’s hansom cap ruble seat. Painted in gleaming Gloss Black Pearl, the Koach appropriately sported a blood-red velvet interior and ornate rolled steel scrollwork that took 500 hours to form. It sported ten chrome-plated Stromburg carburetors, a set of Bobby Bar racing headers and a dropped-axle front end with split radius rods and T springs. And it was powered by a 289 Ford Cobra engine from a 1966 Mustang GT. It also featured some enviable extras, including a few that foreshadowed the automotive future – a Muntz stereo tape recorder, Sony TV and two antique French telephones. Built in just 21 days for $18,000, the Munster Koach could hit a top speed of 150 miles per hour.

The Addams Family’s Packard V-12

The Addams Family’s Packard V-12: The Addams Family’s beloved family limo was a 1933 Packard V-12. And that’s about all we know about it. We’ve searched the internet and while photos are plentiful, info on the car’s specs is not so much. Packard was a luxury car introduced by Detroit’s Packard Car Company in 1899. It introduced multiple innovations including the modern steering wheel and remained the crème de la crème of the American luxury automobile industry even through the Great Depression. That alone makes it the perfect car for the Addams, a wealthy-but-wacky family who had no idea that the rest of society found them peculiar.

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