Which Cars do Americans Keep the Longest?

How long have you had your ride? Well, if it's been a decade or more, chances are you're the proud owner of a Honda or Toyota model, according to a new study by iSeeCars.com.

The study looked primarily at CarFax vehicle history data about more than 395,000 used cars from model year 2005 to the present. And the findings proved a bit surprising, though perhaps not to the certain vehicle owners. Turns out that of the fifteen car models that people keep the longest, 14 of them are either Toyotas or Hondas.

Topping the list is the Honda CR-V. A full 28.6 percent of original owners kept them for 10 years or more. Next up is the Toyota Prius, with 28.5 percent of owners keeping the popular hybrid for a decade or longer. The only ride that wasn't a Honda or Toyota is the Subaru Forester, a keeper according to 22.9 percent of original owners.

But it not just the original owners who are enamored with these rides. They're popular among second owners as well.

"Cars kept by the original owners for a decade tend to be well cared for, in terms of actual maintenance and repairs as well as overall cleanliness, so a car shopper is likely to find more value than in a car that has been through multiple owners and with a history that may not be so straightforward," said iSeeCars.com CEO Phong Ly.

The top 10 longest-kept rides, along with the percentage of original owners who kept them 10 years or longer, are:

  1. Honda CR-V – 28.6 percent
  2. Toyota Prius – 28.5 percent
  3. Toyota RAV4 – 28.2 percent
  4. Toyota Highlander – 26.5 percent
  5. Honda Odyssey – 25.6 percent
  6. Toyota Sienna – 25.4 percent
  7. Toyota Camry – 24.4 percent
  8. Toyota Avalon – 23.8 percent
  9. Honda Pilot – 23.3 percent
  10. Honda Element – 23.1 percent

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