What Customers are Saying about E3 Spark Plugs

Here at E3 Spark Plugs, we’re passionate about providing spark plug products designed to help customers increase power, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce engine emissions that contribute to global warming. It was those three goals that first got us excited about developing something revolutionary. After years toiling away in our tiny independent laboratory, then working with some of the nation’s top experts in the fields of combustion and engine dynamics at two leading engineering universities, our patented DiamondFire technology emerged. Not only were testers and customers impressed, but our technology was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one that offers “clear advantages in HC and CO emissions control while at the same time improving power and fuel economy.” I fact, the E3 spark plug is the only one to be included in EPA rulings and cited as a “supplemental emissions control device.”

E3 Spark Plugs are the only spark plugs recognized by the EPA as "supplemental emissions control devices."

But don’t take our word for it. A quick Internet search turned up these comments by happy E3 Spark Plugs customers – car owners and enthusiasts just like you:

From truckcampershells.blogspot.com
“I purchased these plugs to use in my 98 Saturn SL2. I just installed the plugs yesterday. The car seems to start up faster and has more pep when you hit the throttle. The old plugs that were removed were relatively new (5,000 miles on them) and in good condition so I don’t think the improvements were a matter of worn plugs being replaced with new plugs. Even so, those things are hard to measure and open to the power of suggestion. The real test will be the miles per gallon, which I will be evaluating and reporting on after driving for approx. one month. Stay tuned!!!

“Update:  It’s one month and 1,200 miles later and the numbers are in. First, some driving impressions. The car does run smoother and has more power. The car maintains 65 mph on the freeway with less effort than it used to take. Before, I could feel the engine ‘working’ to maintain 65 mph. Now it cruises at 65 and I need to keep an eye on the speedometer. Now the good stuff. My SL2 averaged 25.75 mpg versus 23.02 mpg for the month prior to installing the E3 spark plugs. I have to admit that because of the increased performance, my foot has been heavier on the gas pedal than normal so the mileage could possibly have been even a little better. All in all, I would say these spark plugs are a worthwhile purchase that will eventually pay for themselves.”

From Jared L.’s HubPages.com page
“The E3 Spark Plugs saved me. My wallet at least. The day that I installed the E3 Spark Plugs, I immediately felt an instant performance increase. My big fat car started to run smoother, a quieter idle and the throttle response become quicker on the foot. No more delay in response! I have gone through about one month of trying out the E3 spark plugs. With about 5 tank changes, my mileage is reflected as 25 MPG (11km/litre). This is a huge savings for me! I am saving about US$50+ dollars per top up. This is a life saver for me.”

From online purchaser T. Swensen
“I noticed a difference right away after installing these plugs in my truck. The plugs I took out had only 5000 miles on them so they were not worn. After installing the E3′s I noticed the idle smoothed out and the truck is running better. Gas mileage has went up 1 mpg. Well worth the price.”

From another online purchaser
“These Spark Plugs really work! They are delivering excellent gas mileage in hot or cold weather. Starting is better as well. I have gone ahead and purchased these plugs for my 4-cycle lawn mower engine, 4-cycle snow blower engine, 2-cycle string trimmer engine, with excellent results in all. Highly recommended! They are made out of conventional materials and yet last forever. They are much cheaper than the Iridium or Platinum types. Check out their web-site and other reviews. You don’t even have to worry about gapping these plugs ever. Two thumbs up.”

From E3 Spark Plugs blog reader Richard Delaney

My son and I have just upgraded from the conventional EKG plug in our competition Trials motorcycles, to the E3.38 plug. The bikes start easier and run smoother on the bottom end of the power range, which is exactly what we need for Trials competition. The E3 spark plug is even less expensive than the NGK! Thanks, E3!


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