Vintage Porsche 911 Falls Victim to Fashion

Is nothing sacred anymore? Apparently, in fashion and advertising, anyway, the answer is a resounding "no!" Case in point - the utter destruction of a perfectly good vintage Porsche 911 that any of us here at E3 Spark Plugs would rather have parked in our garage than witness such a senseless (though bizarrely riveting) act of automotive travesty.

The purveyors of this particular injustice are the advertising shmucks behind the Rag & Bone fashion label that's sold in more than 700 stores worldwide. The label's newest commercial begins in the odd, heavily black fashion that a lot of haute couture do. In this case, black smoke billows up through a hole in a harshly lit white room where a woman magically changes outfits a few times. Next, a gorgeous black vintage Porsche shows up - and is forthwith crushed by a giant piece of concrete that, likely in the name of subliminal advertising, resemble a handbag, shape-wise.

Trust us - it's painful to watch. But bless the guys over at Jalopnik, who attempted to ease the minds and racing hearts of classic car buffs everywhere by reporting that the model used was just a shell.

Whatever. One man's chic is another's shame.

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