Treasure Trove of Pre-war Cars Up For Auction

This 1937 supercharged Cord is among the 220 vintage cars discovered in Oliver Jordan’s salvage yard, closed up and untouched for more than six decades.

How’s this for a serious barn find? In the tiny town of Enid, Oklahoma, population not quite 50,000, Oliver Jordan ran an automobile salvage yard for years before retiring in 1953. Six decades later, his entire treasure trove of 220 classic cars, including many dating before World War II, has been found exactly how he left he left it when he closed up shop. And you’ve got a chance to own one of them, E3 Spark Plugs fans and friends.

It’s clear that in the years prior to his death at age 95 in 2004, Jordan knew just what a treasure he had. Large fences topped with barbed wire surround his property and only a small number lucky visitors were ever granted entry. For those fortunate few, it was truly a feast for the auto buff’s eyes – dozens of vintage rides including some of the rarest and most iconic American motors from the early years of the past century.

Jordan’s collection boasts about 50 complete Ford models and 20 intact Chevrolets from 1929 to 1949, along with numerous partial vehicles and countless spare parts. And it’s all up for bid at a June 7th auction by VanDerBrink Auctions. Among those expected to fetch top dollar:

  • A rare 1924 Rollin
  • 1932 Federal Truck
  • 1936 Ford Moonshiner’s truck
  • A rare 1937 aluminum Lincoln 7-passenger sedan believed to be Willoughby Body
  • 1937 Supercharged 812 Cord
  • 1937 Ford vintage race car
  • A rare 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 4dr Suicide V-12 Sedan
  • A rare 1940 Buick convertible
  • 1940 Studebaker Commander Coupe
  • 1940 Kaiser
  • 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner Coupe
  • 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe 2-door sedan

Jordan’s assemblage of vintage rides and parts was uncovered last year when his wife Ruby passed away. Now, it’s finally see the light of day again and, if you’re the highest bidder, one of this collection could be in your garage come June. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone building a hot rod or rat rod, or hankering to restore a unique, rare vehicle.

Do you plan to attend the auction? Or do you have a great restoration project already under way? Be sure to post your story and pics on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.


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