Toyota Pays Tribute to Clarkson with Classic Video Montage

Lately, you either love him or hate him. Jeremy Clarkson, the oft-foul-mouthed former TV host can certainly be polarizing. After nearly four decades co-hosting the BBC's Top Gear series, Clarkson recently was fired after reports that he threw a punch at show producer Oisin Tymon in a March 10 fracas that effectively nixed the remainder of the show's 22nd season. But for their part, Japan's Toyota Motor Co. is sad to see the mouthy chap go.

In an entertaining farewell, the company produced a video featuring clips from multiple episodes featuring Clarkson routinely destroying the automaker's vehicles, slamming them into trees, careening into gullies, dropping them out of the air, etc.

Meanwhile, Clarkson is playing nice, himself, asking fans and media to back off his former colleague.

"All I would like to say is, I wish people would leave Ois alone, because none of this is his fault," Clarkson told the media.

"Clarkson is a polarizing character, to be sure," AutoBlog wrote earlier this week. "But it takes a big person to make that kind of statement following his firing from a show he was so integral to."

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