Three Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Car Lover You Love

Shopping for a car buff this holiday season? E3 Spark Plugs offers a few ideas.

We’re speeding up to Hanukkah and Christmas. Are you ready? If you haven’t yet found that perfect gift for the auto buff you love, we’ve got three ideas that are sure to rev up a car lover’s holiday.

  1. Automatic Smart Driving Assist: This one is perfect if you’ve got a teen driver in the house, or if your significant other simply drives like a bonehead. The small device plugs into the data port on your car’s onboard computer and wirelessly syncs to a smartphone. Once connected, the system serves up all sorts of data, from what’s got your check engine light glowing, to where you parked to just how much a lead-foot driver your teen is. You get real-time audio feedback while you drive, and a score that you can compare to your spouse’s and finally prove once and for all which of you is the better driver. The License+ feature allows you to monitor your teen’s driving, set goals and reward progress. Plus, the system can recommend small changes in driving habits that can save up to 30 percent on gas. And, in the event of a serious crash, the system can alert rescuers and notify loved ones. Starts at $79 on
  2. Anki DRIVE: Make your garage the favorite neighborhood hangout with this flat-track racing game that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring video gaming in to the real world. Using your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini, you and your friends compete against an AI-enabled car that actually learns and adapts as you race. The more you race, the more points you can rack up and redeem for upgrades to your cars’ weapons and capabilities. The Anki DRIVE Starter Kit runs $149.95 at the online Apple Store.
  3. An epic road trip: Any fast car enthusiast loves going to a race, and a package can get you there. Roadtrips essentially is a travel agency specializing in getaways designed for sports and auto racing superfans. Topping our list of recommendations is a packaged trip to the Daytona 500, including preferred seating anywhere in the Daytona International Speedway, pre-race pit passes and a stay at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront. Or, choose packages that’ll send you to the Indy 500 or Grand Prix events around the world.

And, of course, a set of E3 Spark Plugs for your loved ones car, truck or motorcycle make a great stocking stuffer.

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? Post your thoughts on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page. Who knows? Maybe Santa will read and deliver.


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