The Lyft Car – A Different, Fun Kind of Taxi

Why take a boring ol’ taxi ride when you can take a mustachioed, Disco-themed sing-along experience to your destination instead?

At first mention, “Lyft car” might give a person an impression of some sort of cargo hauler. In reality, it’s a growing type of big city taxi service minus the yellow, impersonal cab feel and plus the kooky and weird ride. Lyft car rides for short destinations are available today in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston and are scheduled through Facebook from user to driver. What the passenger/customer gets when the car arrives depends on what sort of theme the driver has decided to go with in his Lyft car.

For example, one Lyft car could incorporate an entire disco theme, including fog machine and disco lights in the back seat as well karaoke to sing along to while cruising through town. Disregard the pink mustache on the front grille of the car on the outside. It’s for passersby to take notice. While the disco version, dubbed DiscoLyft, is one possibility, many other Lyfts taking on the passenger market in their own unique way are popping up.

The Lyft experience is not a loosely-connected affair either. Lyft drivers do go through an orientation and training on how to prepare their vehicles and provide added extras for passengers. Whether candy, music, freebies or some other kind of swag, the driver is expected to provide more than just a ride from point A to point B. On the other hand, drivers are given full freedom to accessorize their rides, making them clearly visible and recognizable on city streets.

The unique car theme can range from a car that doubles as a chalkboard for anyone who wants to write or draw on it with chalk, to a poetry-themed car, to the drivers themselves dressing up as well. Los Angeles has its own version of Batman driving around a Lyft car.

From the customer perspective, a Lyft ride is aimed at being more than the straight-forward, no-frills transportation that any other taxi could provide. It should also make a customer feel like he or she is enjoying a personal favor from a friend. It should be a comfortable, fun and memorable experience, even if it is just a ride from North Beach to Golden Gate Park. And customers don’t get to hide in the back seat either; many Lyft car drivers operate on the theme of total engagement, pulling customers into the shotgun position and engaging them in sing-alongs, games, contests, trivia and more.

From the driver perspective, the Lyft ride is the perfect way to meet new people and operate with a flexible work schedule. Many Lyft drivers go beyond their basic need for work, and operate their cars fulltime because it’s fun. Imagine that – work that is fun!

Interested in starting your own Lyft car business? Visit the website for more info. Then, post your wacky Lyft car theme ideas on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.


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