The Ender’s Game Audi Redefines Future Sedans

Audi Shuttle Fleet Quattro created for the new “Ender’s Game” film.

The trailer for the new Ender’s Game movie is out. And if you’re a car buff, there’s no doubt what caught your eye – that sleek, sexy virtual car they’re calling the Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

Ender’s Game is a science fiction futuristic movie with a storyline based on author Orson Scott Card’s mid-1990s worldwide bestseller. In the film, Earth has been battling an alien race it discovered when finally being able to send astronauts into interstellar space. Two waves of invasions have severely threatened human survival, so the planet now trains children in a Spartan-type battle school in space to fend off the next invasion expected. While the storyline has a number of twists, the movie also introduces a very unique concept that is actually real and factual – that badass super-future car dubbed the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

The futuristic Quattro is a sleek design unseen before and one of Audi’s concept cars brought into real-time creation. The car was designed by Audi engineers specifically for the film, something the carmaker has never done before but decided the challenge made good marketing sense. They were right.

Audi’s think-tank custom tailored the car to fit both the storyline of the film as well as ensure Audi’s own car image was not negatively impacted by the film presence. The conservative approach had no actual risks to worry about. The Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro designed for the film involves a car that redefines the word “sleek.” Taking a tip from the 1980s De Lorean, the car’s doors open upward versus out to the sides. The body, however, is an aerodynamic bullet of outer skin and glass, accentuated with the Audi symbol on the front grille. The car’s wheels are even framed and enclosed, similar to vehicles in the 2013 remake, Tron-Legacy. The only odd thing about the vehicle is that the shape design is almost repeated on the front and back sides, making it somewhat difficult to tell which end is the front until the brake lights come on.

There is no engine information on the concept, being entirely an idea for a movie. But if the Ender’s Game Audi car did have a combustion engine, one would hope the driver was using a quality set of E3 Sparkplugs for optimum engine efficiency.


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