The Dangers of Vaping Behind the Wheel

The use of e-cigarettes has become extremely popular in 2016. Many former smokers have used the product as a tool to quick cigarettes while others are enthusiasts who have taken up vaping as their first introduction to nicotine. While there is still plenty of debate about the health implications when compared to smoking, it appears that vaping will only continue to grow in popularity.

When you're on the road, however, it may not be the best time to take a puff. Many novices to the practice reduce their visibility by vaping with the windows closed or blowing their vapor directly in front of them, blocking their view for a few moments. This can be very hazardous, especially when on the freeway. Also, the mix of e-juice (the liquid found in e-cigarettes) also plays a part. Juice with a high level of VG (vegetable glycerin) produces thicker clouds. By reducing the volume of VG drivers will instantly notice an improvement.

High levels of nicotine can also impair driving causing dizziness and light-headedness. While this may pass in a few seconds, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. If you have to vape while driving, keep this in mind, take more shallow hits, or consider reducing your nicotine level.

While many vapers use devices with built-in tanks, others use drip-style models. This is when a tank is not included and the user needs to regularly drip new juice onto the wick which usually involves disassembling part of the device. This is definitely not recommended while driving as both hands should be on the wheel with eyes on the road.

While it is still legal to vape and drive, a police officer can pull you over if your vehicle is full of vapor and vision is obviously impaired. Also, less informed members of the public may not be aware of what you're doing and assume you've found a new way to smoke marijuana. You can definitely expect an officer to be called if this is the case.

Just like with anything you bring into your car, from a cheeseburger to a vape, be smart and stay safe. Laws and regulations are always changing, so keep an eye on any legal updates before hitting the road with your vape.


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