Stacey David & BIGFOOT Inventor Bob Chandler Meet via E3 Spark Plugs

Stacey David, of SPEED TV’s Stacey David’s GearZ television show recently traveled to BIGFOOT’s St. Louis based headquarters on behalf of E3 Spark Plugs. According to Steve Joiner, VP of Sales & Marketing for E3, the choice to team with BIGFOOT stemmed from a recognition of strong similarities between both companies’ focus on innovation.

“Bob Chandler, inventor of BIGFOOT, literally created a whole new genre of truck development & event activation on a global level, ” stated Joiner. “Similarly, our E3 Spark Plug Diamond Fire technology represents a proven and scientific improvement in spark plug technology. E3′s DiamondFIRE Technology ignites the air-fuel mixture quicker, producing a faster and larger flame compared to other spark plugs. A more complete burn means better performance. ”

Similarly, “Faster & Larger” was a motivating factor for Bob Chandler. “I got the name BIGFOOT from peers in the industry who continuously told me I wouldn’t keep breaking parts if I would just keep my BIG FOOT off the pedal,” said Chandler, who has size 12 feet. “By the time I got those really big tires on the truck, well, everything needed to get bigger & better, especially the suspension, steering and engine performance.” And the rest, as they say is history. BIGFOOT went on to become a household name with a multi national presence for its inception of worldwide monster truck creation. E3 is following the same pattern, with not only impressive race series involvement, but winning results and product availability in virtually every major automotive retail store in the country.

“Spending the day with Bob Chandler and the original BIGFOOT Monster Truck is one of those things that every gear head should do”, said David. “Bob’s influence on the automotive world is massive. I remember first seeing that big blue truck in the movie “Take this job and shove it” when I was just a kid, and talking and dreaming about it for weeks. It had a tremendous influence on me, and millions of other fledgling gear heads.”

Backed by a five year, 100,000-mile warranty, E3 Spark Plugs, with their side-wire electrode, projects the combustion spark in a way that more quickly ignites the air/fuel mixture thereby creating a significantly faster and larger flame kernel. In effect, this burns more of the available fuel, resulting in increased combustion efficiency for improved power and fuel economy with reduced emissions. They are now available for most automotive and motorsports applications at automotive retail stores nationwide. For more information and complete test results, visit


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