Spy Photos Give Hints to Volkswagen's Three-Row SUV

Excitement hit the Internet this week as Volkswagen's late entry into the third-row crossover segment was spied on a test drive. As with all pre-debut spy photos, full specifications are unknown, however the profile of the SUV looks incredibly similar to the 2013 CrossBlue concept previewed at a recent auto show. Rear styling seems to be consistent with the shapes introduced in the 2016 Passat sedan. Many people are speculating that the photos are actually of a Jeep Grand Cherokee inspired prototype based on the taillights and grille. However experience shows that auto-makers throw in tons of visual tricks for this very purpose.

As far as we know the vehicle will be based on Volkswagen's MQB platform which was introduced in 2015 with their Golf lineup. It has been the basis of nearly all future models. If the reports are correct, the SUV will seat seven adults and be about the size of a Honda Pilot. We expect the interior to be styled after their latest Golf models as these have proven very popular among consumers. At an expected price point in the $50,000 range, the new VW is slated to be a favorite among consumers in this market.

Volkswagen is several years late in getting into the newest family market, which has replaced vans. The company needs to cash in while gas prices, and consumer interest, are still high. The company is also recovering from its recent diesel-emissions scandal that led to a $10 billion buyback program and a stained brand name. This new vehicle could be their savior, however, as it gives their in-family buyers an option to graduate to when the time comes to move up from the Tiguan or Golf.

Reports expect the wheelbase of the new SUV to be about 3.4 inches longer than their two-row Touareg. The best part of the spied design is that, unlike many other third-row SUVs, VW's maintains elegance and is not bulbous or ungainly, joining the ranks of the Kia Sorento and the Honda Pilot. The SUV will also most likely feature VW's 3.6 liter V-6, six-speed automatic power train.


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