Snowmobile Tricks Get More Extreme at the Winter X Games

Soon the holidays will be upon us, then over before we know it. Snow will begin to fall and collect around the country and very soon we'll be in one of the most fun times of the year. Nearly everyone has at least one winter sport or activity that they absolutely love. Whether it's skating, skiing, or snowmobiling, there is fun for everyone in the powder.

The Winter X Games have taken winter sports to a whole new level. Snowmobile tricking has become a very popular event and often includes jumps, back flips and more. Spectators can see the action for themselves when the games open on January 26, 2017. The games will feature trick events and various styles of racing, all performed by the best riders on the planet. Crowd favorites such as Andrew Carlson, Heath Frisby, Iain Hayden, and Levi LaValle are expected to put on an amazing show this season in Aspen.

Moving beyond the X Games, some enthusiasts are taking their love for snowmobiles further with a new sport called Urban Snowmobiling. Think of it as parkour in the snow on a sled. Levi LaValle is probably one of the best known proponents of this latest craze. The X Games website features videos of him riding through Saint Paul, Minnesota, pulling off tricks and stunts most thought they'd never see done with a snowmobile. Whether he's jumping between buildings, back-flipping in parks, or drift racing in a parking garage, there's no question that Levi has taken the sport to new levels.

Whether you're just a riding enthusiast or are getting into racing and tricking yourself, snowmobiling is one of the most exhilarating and overall fun winter activities you can do. We encourage you to have your sled performing as best as possible by giving it a tune up before you hit the power, and to be sure you take E3 Spark Plugs along for the ride.


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