Snowmobile Racing Resumes at NHSA Grass Drags

October... the time for leaves to change, kids to collect candy and snowmobile racing to resume. "Wait, what? There's no snow on the ground yet" you're asking. In New Hampshire, that isn't important as the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association hosts their annual "Race Into Winter," more affectionately known as "The Grass Drags." This three-day power sports event is held every Columbus day weekend and is considered the start of New England's snowmobile season. More than 40,000 racing fans turn out each year to witness the high-speed action of grass drag racers.

The action is simply incredible as these snow sleds reach speeds topping 115 mph. It's a great chance for fans to get a sneak peek of what to expect from the winter racing events just a few weeks away. However, the grass isn't the only place to catch the action. The event also features water cross racing, that's right, snowmobiles racing on water. If you haven't seen this before it is truly an amazing racing style, and no the sleds don't simply sink after a couple of yards. At their top speeds, "water skippers" complete several passes on an elliptical course in several feet of water.

Besides racing, fans can also watch Winter X Games style stunts performed throughout the weekend by the Rave X Freestyle team. There are also over 100 vendors at the games so recreational enthusiasts can gear up before winter. Expect special deals on accessories, clothing, trips and sleds. For more information about the events, check out the NHSA website.


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