Six New Year’s Resolution for Car Owners

You probably make a few New Year’s resolutions for yourself every year. Many people look for ways to improve their health and general lifestyle. If you own a car, there are some resolutions you can make to keep your vehicle in good condition and avoid breakdowns.

  1. Change the Oil: One of the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s engine lasts is to change the oil on a regular schedule. You can do this project yourself or take your car in for service. You may find that a professional oil change does not cost much more than doing it yourself. There will not be any used oil to dispose of either.
  2. Check Your Tires: It really does not take time to take a walk around your car and look at the tires. Check the wear pattern and amount of remaining tread. If you notice unusual wear, take your vehicle in for an alignment check. Look for signs of dry rot and check the tire pressure. You do not want to spend your time changing a flat. Properly inflated tires will improve your gas mileage. Losing some weight will also help your mpg. Get rid of the unnecessary junk in the trunk.
  3. Keep it Clean: You do not have to maintain your vehicle in showroom condition, but an occasional cleaning will help keep the interior and exterior looking good. Remove stains on your upholstery and wash off roads salts and grime that can harm the paint. A run through a car wash costs much less than a new paint job, those wrinkle-repairing skin creams or that self-help book that’s also on your NYR list.
  4. Keep Service Records Organized: Have a file system for all your repair and maintenance papers. You will save yourself time when you need to hunt down the information on your last brake repairs. While you’re at it, plan to renew your registration or license before the expiration date. Standing in line at the motor vehicle department on a busy weekend is not a way to enjoy your time.
  5. Check Your Fluids and Wiper Blades: Make a point of regularly checking all of the fluid levels on your car. You have a much better chance of stopping a small problem before it becomes expensive. Replace your wiper blades when they begin to look worn. Driving in heavy rain is bad enough without a wiper blade self-destructing in the middle of the storm.
  6. Do Not Skip the Tune Up: If your vehicle is due for a tune up, get it done. A clean air filter and quality spark plugs go a long way towards your vehicle‘s performance. Switch to E3 spark plugs and count on increased performance throughout the year.


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