Powerful, Fuel Efficient E3 Spark Plugs Now Available for the Powersports Market

Due to the high demand from E3’s many tried and true automotive and small engine plug customers, E3 Spark Plugs is pleased to introduce its new line of powersport plugs. With over 85% coverage for motorcycles and snowmobiles, and a more than majority coverage for ATV’s and personal watercraft vehicles, E3 now offers a simple and easy way to improve horsepower and fuel economy. Independent tests have proven that E3 plugs, when compared to competitive spark plug brands, increase horsepower up to 12 hp, depending on engine class. Also, it is the only plug on the market that reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

E3 president, Todd Arey, says, “It was a very natural progression to begin testing and development for applications in this niche enthusiast marketplace. Now, when you’re pushing the performance limits of your machine, there’s an E3 spark plug to give you even more horsepower and easier startups.”

The E3 DiamondFIRE spark plug design features an open, diamond-shaped electrode that offers fuller flame growth and more complete fuel combustion, thus providing reduced emissions, increased horsepower and better engine durability. Whether it’s a motorcycle, snowmobile, atv or jet-ski, E3 has you covered with the advanced technology your machine needs.

For more information about E3 spark plugs, including performance and emissions test results or where-to-buy, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com.


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