Part Motorcycle, Part Horse, All Crazy but Kind of Cool – Toyota’s FV2 Concept Set to Steal the Show in Tokyo

Toyota’s FV2 concept rides like a high-tech horse.

The annual Tokyo Motor Show, slated for November 21-December 1, is known for showcasing some of the most innovative and downright oddest concept vehicles. And this year, Toyota’s FV2 concept is sure to turn heads, E3 Spark Plugs’ techs predict.

Essentially, it’s designed as a street-legal, four-wheeled segway – and potentially an answer to a troubling trend for automakers. In Japan and elsewhere, consumers are increasingly disinterested in driving, in large part because tight economies and job shortages are mean people are giving up their vehicles, opting for public transportation instead, or choosing more affordable rides.

If the FV2 makes to production, it may just be a viable option for cash-strapped drivers – if they don’t mind feeling a bit like they’re riding a horse up and down busy city streets. Standing still, the FV2 looks a bit like motorcycle with outriggers. Raise the canopy and you’ll find a standing platform with – get this – no physical controls. That’s where this wild concept ride gets a little like our equine friends.

Rather than gripping handlebars, the driver propels the vehicle by straddling the body and simply leaning in the direction he wants to go. A windscreen senses the driver’s leaning and straightening motions and responds accordingly – much like a trusty steed. Oh, but there’s more. As with a few previous Toyota concepts, the FV2′s software-driven body panels can change color and display images or graphics much like a high-speed mood ring, company officials suggest.

Will you attend the Tokyo Motor Show? Post your pics on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page. And let us know – would you drive a FV2?


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