Nominations Open for Spark Plug Awards

It's that time of year again. The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce in Houghton, Michigan, announced registration is open for nominating candidates for the Keweenaw Community Spark Plug Awards. The annual celebration recognizes key individuals, community efforts and local businesses for stellar efforts during the 2016 calendar year. Organized and hosted each year by the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, MTEC SmartZone and Keweenaw Young Professionals, awards are presented in six (6) categories of recognition.

The award categories are:

Growth – Companies that had significant growth in employment or sales during the 2016 calendar year are eligible for nomination.

Customer Service – Other businesses and customers who provided superior customer service as recognized by the community are eligible for nomination.

Innovation & Transformation – New or existing companies who developed or pursued new products or services that hold great promise for local economic growth and employment are eligible for nomination. Also, companies that made a significant change in how they conducted business or the products or services they offered, which produced significant outcomes are eligible for nomination.

Community Development – A company, person or activity that had a significant positive impact on the business community are eligible for nomination.

Project of the Year – Any high-impact project within the community that will provide lasting benefits to businesses and community members is eligible for nomination.

Young Person of the Year – Persons under the age of 40 who made significant strides in the community and in their profession during 2016 are eligible for nomination.

*Nominations can be made by visiting the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce website at

All members of the community are encouraged to submit his or her nomination for the businesses, projects and individuals that have made significant strides in the community during 2016. The awards dinner will take place at the Bonfire Grill in Houghton on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Interested parties can visit the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce website or call the Chamber office at (906) 482-5240. 


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