New Concept Cars Amaze at Chicago Auto Show

Zombie lovers, movie goers and “fixie” riders all have surprises waiting for them at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

The 2013 Chicago Auto Show is underway. And the sights are amazing! Founded in 1901, it’s the nation’s largest auto show with more than 1 million square feet of interactive exhibits. But here at E3 Spark Plugs, we’re most taken by some of the coolest concept cars we’ve seen in a while.

The newest on the show floor is the Turbo Camaro Coupe, based on a character in DreamWorks’ new high-velocity 3D animated comedy, Turbo. In theatres July 19, the film centers on a speed-obsessed snail bent on winning the Indy 500. Of course, it’s a Chevy Camaro that helps him chase his dream. The real-world version of the cartoon car equipped with a supercharged 700+ horsepower V-8 topped off by a serious intake assembly for supercharger housing. Body modifications include rockers and fender flares in a wide body design configuration, a front splitter, rear diffuser and a GT concept rear wing spoiler. The body is painted black with a vinyl chrome wrap, dark tinted to look like black chrome and the front headlights sport a multicolor halo effect.

The Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top concept is influenced by the colorful minimalist single speed bikes seen zipping through traffic at breakneck speed every day. These fixed-gear bikes, called “fixies” by those in the culture, are half built by the manufacturer and half by the customer. So, the Hyundai Design North America team worked a few of those free spirited elements into this three-door convertible. Most notable is the dual-function power-retractable canvas roof. Roll it forward, open the tailgate, fold down the rear seats and you’ve got a recreational platform perfect for biking, photography or camping. The high gloss white painted exterior boldly contrasts with the flat back spoiler and front wheels, teal rear wheels and red mirror housings. Inspired by the proverb, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” the Veloster C# sports a 1.6 liter GDI four-cylinder engine with twin scroll turbocharger and 201 horsepower.

Though it debuted six months ago at the 2012 Comic-Con, we’re still in awe of Hyundai’s Elantra-based Zombie Survival Machine. Designed by Robert Kirkman, creator of TV’s The Walking Dead series, it features a spike-laded cow catcher plow up front, spiked tires, armored window coverings, a CB radio system, front and rear floodlights, a roof hatch to allow passengers to fend off attacking walkers and a trunk full of electric and pneumatic weaponry. Hyundai and Kirkman partnered up to celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic and Design Craft handled fabrication.

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