Meet Team E3 Racing Winners Dee and Cody Erdmann

Racer Cody Erdmann with Miss Slinger Super Speeday.

For Dee Erdmann and son Cody, professional racing is a family affair. Dee entered Cody, 16, in the Team E3 Racing competition and when we read the young racer’s bio, we knew he was a natural.

The Erdmann family of Mayville, Wisconsin loves racing and has spent years doing “anything involving going fast and turning left” before forming CHE Racing. Young Cody spent his formative years in the garage, watching his dad build racecars. It soon became apparent that the toddler was paying close attention when, at age two, he picked up a fallen lug nut and put it back on the car perfectly. As any gearhead knows, it’s easy to put a lug nut on wrong. That moment would prove a positive omen for Cody’s life. The boy who, at age four, saw Jeff Gordon race and declared, “I’m gonna be like him one day” is well on his way to a long and promising racing career.

Cody’s competitiveness first showed up in his racing RC Oval Pan Cars starting at 10 years old. But racing from a distance didn’t cut it for long. So, at age 15, Cody hit the tracks behind the wheel of a real race car for the first time, competing in the American Super Cup Series. He finished his 2011 rookie season eighth in overall points and second in the rookie standings. During the season, he brought home two heat wins, four top-five feature finishes, nine top 10 feature finishes, and the best placing “Rookie of the Evening” award four times.

Cody Erdmann takes the checkered flag.

Nicknamed “Hollywood,” Cody, Dee and CHE Racing are set for a spectacular sophomore season as a competitive Super Cup driver. But the wise-beyond-his-years teenager isn’t taking anything – especially success on the tracks – for granted.

“Just because people think I’ll win a championship doesn’t mean I will,” Cody says. “I have to believe in myself first to achieve it.”

We here at E3 Spark Plugs certainly believe in Cody and his family, and welcome them to Team E3 Racing.


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