Meet Team E3 Racing Winner Terry Panciera

Team E3 Racing winner Terry Panciera (far right) and buddies compete in the New England Lawn Mower Racing Association for trophies, bragging rights and fun.

For those who truly love it, racing isn’t just about winning. It’s also about teamwork, camaraderie and simply having a great time. Such is the case for Team E3 Racing winner Terry Panciera of Bristol, Connecticut.

Along with close pals Joshua Coleman and Stephen Shean, Panciera founded Powered by the
Complex, a racing team that competes in the New England Lawn Mower Racing Association (NELMRA), sanctioned by the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association.

“We are a combined effort at having fun, while succeeding at mower racing,” Panciera says.

The NELMRA is a nonprofit organization that holds lawn mower races in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey.  Members race at family-friendly events such as fairs, festivals, car and tractor shows, and charity fundraisers. Unlike their NASCAR counterparts, NELMRA members don’t stand much chance of becoming millionaires via racing. Rather than purse money, they race for points, trophies, bragging rights and good, clean fun. Any money made available to racers is shared equally for gas and help with other racing expenses.

Still, racers can kick up some serious dust. Modified mowers run at speeds of six to 60 miles per hour depending upon track size and race class. Panciera and his buddies race a 1985 Lawn Chief and are in their second competitive season.

E3 Spark Plugs welcomes Panciera to the team!


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