Meet Team E3 Racing Winner Marcus Method, Jr.

Team E3 Racing member Marcus Method, Jr. has a charitable spirit and a penchant for history.

Marcus Method, Jr. is in the midst of this rookie season racing a 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo in the Street Stock Division at Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s currently ranked 18th of 38 drivers and has his eye trained on a Rookie of the Year win come season’s end. But no matter where he finishes in the rankings or how many times he crosses the finish line first, he’s racing for something much more important than a checkered flag and a trophy. That’s why he’s the newest member of Team E3 Racing.

Competing as Blacksnake Racing, Method is part of the Racing 2 Cure, a 501c3 charity dedicated to “fighting cancer, one lap at a time.” The organization was launched by then 7-year-old Hunter Stewart, a young off-road racer. When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Stewart, he asked to have to Susan G. Komen for the Cure logo placed on his racecar, donned pink shoelaces and pledged one week’s worth of his allowance for each lap he completed in a charity race.

Racing 2 Cure raises funds to cover everyday expenses of cancer-stricken families such as utility bills, car payments, rent and mortgage payments, house cleaning and yard services, insurance premiums, medical equipment, travel and temporary housing costs for trips to treatment centers, tutoring, daycare and after school activities for kids.

“I’m racing for a great charity and it’s a way I can give back to others,” Method says of his participation with the organization, known informally as “R2C.” It’s a cause close to Method’s heart. He lost his own grandmother to cancer a decade ago.

When not on the competitive track, Method does racing demonstrations for local middle schools and youth or civil organizations. And he’s quite the history buff, participating in medieval reenactments with the Society of Creative Anachronism.


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