Meet Team E3 Racing Winner James Luckett

Officer James Luckett of Romeoville, IL races for a good cause.

Make that Officer Luckett.” This Team E3 Racing winner is a Romeoville, Illinois police officer. He may issue you a ticket for speeding down the highway during the day, but come the weekend, he’s speeding down the raceway himself, in hot pursuit of a good cause.

“I use my car and status as a police officer to reach out to young people and get them to ‘make the trip to the strip’ and not to race illegally on the street,” he says.

Luckett participates in exhibition and high school races via Beat the Heat, a nonprofit organization comprised of police officers and firefighters nationwide who conduct educational programs using marked emergency vehicle drag cars. Program goals include:

  • Educating young people about the problems of illegal drug and alcohol use and the horrors of impaired and distracted driving;
  • Encouraging young people to stay in school and be an achiever in life;
  • Promoting a better understanding between the police and the communities they serve;
  • Educating the general public about the sport of drag racing, and encourage everyone to race on the drag strip, not in the street.

Luckett drives a marked 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a 406CID Chevy small block engine powered, of course, by E3 Spark Plugs. We’re proud to have you on board, Officer Luckett!


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