Meet Team E3 Racing Winner Brody Goble

Team E3 Racing winner Brady Goble conquered competitive karting and this year is changing gears, switching to full-time drifting.

First, he conquered karting, revving up his competitive go-kart racing career in 2005, traveling the country and hard-driving his way up the North America ranks to the Stars of Karting National Series by the end of the 2007 season. Now, our latest Team E3 Racing winner Brady Goble has his sights set on taking over the pro drifting scene.

“Unlike some drifters, I come from a grip background,” says Goble, Canadian-born and currently based in Blaine, Washington. “I fell in love with drifting and originally began sliding cars/go-karts to learn better car control for traditional grip racing.”

In 2008, upon wining a scholarship test with BMW North America, Goble found himself in a brand new Formula BMW open wheel car. At about the same time, he bought a Nissan s13 240sx.

“We did some events just for fun and I found myself feeling very natural drifting the car in just our first event out,” he recalls. “We showed up with a box stock RB20 with a huge top mount turbo hanging off it and a good tune, long story short we managed to place 3rd out of 18 drivers in my first drift event ever. After that, I was hooked.”

He took a break from racing for the 2009-2010 season to focus on his studies and training. He completed CACC Driver Training School, landing his FIA Racing license, and earned his business management diploma at Kwantlen University, graduating with a 3.2GPA. Then, it was back to the tracks full force. Over the course of the 2011 season, he landed his SCCA Regional and National Race license, won his first ever SCCA Spec Miata race and scored a national runoff invitation. He finished the season as the CACC Canada Sports Car Rookie of the Year and was chosen as a 2012 member of the ASD (Autosport Dynamics) Mob Program – one of just 10 from more than 250 applications.

As part of the ASD Mob, Goble is officially making the switch to full-time drifting for 2012. His team will focus efforts on the rapidly growing Pacific Northwest drift scene in Washington and Oregon, and attending Pro Formula Drift events in Seattle, Las Vegas and Irwindale.

Keep up with Goble’s promising and ever-intensifying career by visiting his website and the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.


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