Meet Team E3 Racing Tier 3 Winner Erik Gehrke

Team E3 Racing winner Erik Gehrke busts speeders on the roadways, but beats 'em all on the raceways.

Call him the big man in the little car. Erik Gehrke is a three-time MiniCup Car Season champion and a new member of Team E3 Racing.

Whether on the track or on the streets, Gehrke is a force to be reckoned with. By trade, he’s a police officer and hostage negotiator. But there’s no negotiating going on when he’s behind the wheel and on the race track. He’s out to win and he’s proven it by winning three back-to-back championships and dozens of feature races.

Gehrke races a Chevy Impala Minicup car in the American Super Cup Series and also has raced Legends cars and mini sprint cars. But he’s most proud to be part of Lawmen Racing, a motorsports team founded by fellow police officers. Based in Antioch, Illinois, Lawmen Racing is made up almost entirely of current or retired police officers and their families, performing every racing-related task from driving the cars to maintaining the engines to marketing the brand.

When he’s not in his uniform chasing down speeders on the highways or in a race suit being chased by competitors, Gehrke participates in parades, car shows and fundraisers. And he credits E3 racing spark plugs with helping to boost his ride and his career.

“I believe switching to E3 sparkplugs this past season led to the return of my winning ways and my Season Points Championship,” says the fourth-generation police officer.

We’re proud to have one of Illinois’ finest on the Team E3 Racing roster. Check the E3 Spark Plugs blog and Facebook fan page for updates on Gherke’s racing career.


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