Meet Team E3 Racing Tier 2 Winner Aidan Hinds

Seven-year-old Aidan Hinds is the latest Team E3 Racing winner.

Little Aidan Hinds could grow up to become an accountant, an architect, an astronaut – anything he wants. But chances are he’ll become a famous auto racer. After all, he’s already got a big head start. That’s why he’s the latest Team E3 Racing winner.

Hinds has spent nearly every Saturday night of his seven years at the Dirt Late Model race tracks with his dad, Kenny, and spends his evenings in the garage, learning all about the mechanics of sleek, powerful racing machines. Plus, racing runs in the family. Grandfather Richard Proffitt also was a racer. So by age five, young Hinds was ready to hit the tracks himself.

In 2011, the Aidan Hinds Racing team was founded in Loveland, Ohio and Hinds’ competitive mojo revved up quickly. In just his seventh race weekend, he took the pole position and outclassed the field throughout the entire weekend at the Kid Kart Nationals Restricted race held in St. Louis, MO. Clearly possessing a natural talent, Aidan went on to rack up an impressive 23 wins in his rookie season.

In his sophomore season, Hinds raced in seven states, running the Great Lakes Sprint Series and competing in the Ohio Valley Karting Association. A nasty flip in Camden destroyed his kart and sidelined him for three races. Still, he managed to finish the season fifth in the final GLSS point standings.

Hinds, who drives both a Birel B25 Chassis and a 2010 Haase Chassis, starts the 2013 season with 51 wins and an eye on two championships. He’ll continue to race in the GLSS Kid Kart Division and run the Route 66 and OVKA Series. He also plans to run dirt ovals and is developing a dirt racing team.

From all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, congratulations and welcome to the team, Aidan!


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