Meet Team E3 Racing Tier 1 Winner Jason Jiovani

Team E3 Racing's Jason Jiovani has developed a huge following in his home state of Florida.

“Hit the gas and get it sideways,” seems to be a professional motto for Largo, Florida’s Jason Jiovani, one of our first Team E3 Racing Tier 1 winners. Jiovani is in his seventh season in the competitive drifting world and has racked up a mantle full of top 10 finishes. This year, he’ll run the StreetWise Drift in the East Regional US Series and he’s eligible to run the PRO class of Formula D this season. He’s also a Brand Ambassador for NOS Energy Drinks along with friend and fellow racing/drifting competitor Rob Fleming, whom he credits with helping to “revive the heartbeat of drifting in Florida.”

As of press time, Jiovani drives a 1991 Nissan 240SX with a ~400RWHP GM 5.7 LS1 motor running TrickFlow heads and cam combo. Besides competing on the tracks, he also runs all day-to-day aspects of his race team, J1N Racing. These include funding, transport, marketing, partnership management and turning wrenches with help from sponsor All American Street Car Performance. But while he’s a hands-on team owner and racer, he’s quick to credit his team, which includes girlfriend/co-pilot/mechanic’s assistant Hazel, for his success.

Drifting champ Jason Jiovani races and runs all aspects of his J1N Racing team.

When Jiovani’s not behind the wheel, he’s often still on the tracks, volunteering at amateur events as an instructor, course designer and competition judge. On school days, you’ll have to call him “Mr. Jiovani.” And you’ll have to sit still, pay attention and cut it out with the spit-balling right now, young man. Mr. Jiovani supplements his racing career with a substitute teacher gig in Pinellas County schools. While school’s out, he’s a bit more fun, working as a summer camp counselor.

Jiovani’s wrapping up his off-season preparations and is set to hit the tracks with a whole new car look in the next few weeks. That new look will include a loud-and-proud E3 Spark Plugs logo. If you’re a drifting fan, be sure to look for Jiovani on the tracks. And if you’re an up-and coming auto sports competitor, be sure to stock your ride with a set of E3 racing spark plugs for a strong, clean ride and competitive advantage.


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