Massive Car Collection Action to Benefit Worthy Cause

This 1962 Rolls Royce Mulliner Drophead Coupe is among the more than 230 classics in the Rogers Collection to be auctioned off in Las Vegas.

An entire museum full of rare classic cars will go on the auction block later this month, and students throughout the Silver State will benefit. Assembled by the late Jim Rogers, media mogul, former chancellor of the Nevada System of High Education and lover of all things automotive, the collection includes more than 230 rare classic and antique cars that make up the Rogers’ Classic Car Museum in Las Vegas.

Rogers’ collection grew over a lifetime as he worked to build something that “represented the American working man’s climb to success,” his widow Beverly Rogers told reporters. “He didn’t just buy the cars – he knew every little detail about their production. He knew how many Oldsmobiles, Buicks and Cadillacs that had been made from the end of World War II through the ’70s, and he could rattle off the particulars of each model.”

Among our favorites of Rogers collection here at E3 Spark Plugs:

  • A 1915 Ford Model T
  • A 1939 Cadillac Series 90 V-16 Imperial Touring Sedan
  • A 1953 Eldorado Convertible
  • A 1956 Dual-Ghia Convertible
  • A 1962 Rolls-Royce Mulliner Drophead Coupe
  • Two Fisker Karma Extended-Range Electric Sedans

Rogers passed away last June at the age of 75 and no doubt will be best remembered not only for his prolific collection, but for his amazing generosity as well. His $130-million gift to his alma mater, the University of Arizona College of Law, remains the largest single donation ever made to an American law school, and Time Magazine named Rogers one of the top 12 philanthropists in the nation after his donations to institutions of higher education reached $275 million.

In true Jim Rogers form, proceeds from the auction, orchestrated by Mecum Auctions, will benefit the Rogers Foundation, which works to increase arts and education opportunities for students in southern Nevada.

“When you buy a car from Jim Rogers’ collection, you’re not just buying a well-made or refurbished automobile,” Beverly Rogers says. “You’re buying a piece of American history. Take it to heart – enjoy it – and my heartfelt request is that someday you pass it on, and let the next generation understand and appreciate the place of the automobile in American history. That, my friends, will do Jim proud.”


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