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If you’re as big a moto fan as we are here at E3 Spark Plugs, you’ll want to know about motoXcinema, a one-stop-shop for dozens of films, books and posters on all things moto.  MotoXcinema is the premier source of Motocross and dirt bike films, including action flicks, documentaries, how-to and instructional videos and DVDs starring the all the best on the tracks today.

"Moto: the Movie" is among the top recent documentary films about dirt bike riding and racing.

Our favorites include the recently released “The Great Outdoors: American Summer” with appearances by MX stars Mike Alessi, Christophe Pourcel, Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and more. Forget swimming pools, baseball and beaches. For these guys, summer means one thing only – outdoor Motocross. Filmmakers were granted an all-access pass onto the tracks and into the lives of today’s top MX pros throughout the 2009 season, which proved full of surprises. Follow the cameras right into the living rooms of your favorites for a glimpse into life as a motocross racer both on and off the track.

Another E3 Spark Plugs racing favorite is Moto: The Movie, a high-definition journey into the world of dirt bike riding and racing. This film covers the spectrum including big mountain freeriding to Supercross, woods, trials, European Extreme Enduro, FMX and Motocross. This film too covers the 2009 season and features many of the same riders as “American Summer,” plus Trey Canard, Taddy Blazusiak, Nathan Woods and more. The first proved such a wild success that filmmakers immediately launched in to production of “Moto 2: The Movie,” which will feature all the 2010 season action from around the globe.

"The Great Outdoors: American Summer" gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of today's top motocross racers.

Feeling inspired? Boost your bike skills with instructional videos and video series including “DirtWise with Shane Watts,” “OffRoad with Nathan Woods” and “Motocross Skills with Ryan Hughes.” And make sure your bike’s motor can take the beating by using E3 motorcycle spark plugs with our patented DiamondFire technology. See you on the dirt!


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