Lotus Aims to Rev Up the Luxury Motorcycle Business

The new Lotus C-01 is the British race car maker’s first entry into the motorcycle business.

In June 2012, British sports car and race car manufacturer Lotus Cars fired its CEO and reported a near $200 million loss. Luckily, the company had a recovery plan in mind – and they’ve just unveiled it.

Take a gander at the new Lotus C-01, the luxury carmaker’s first entry into the motorcycle business. Dubbed a “hyper-bike,” It’s got a bit of a Hollywood pedigree. It’s the creative brainchild of former Bugatti Automobiles designer Daniel Simon, the guy responsible for the Tron: Legacy light cycles and the bubble ship flown by Tom Cruise in Oblivion. Germany’s Kodewa racing team collaborated on the design of the bike, which is licensed to bear the Lotus name, but actually will be produced by Germany’s Holzer Group.

So yeah – it isn’t really a Lotus bike at all, except for the name. No matter, the C-01 is definitely turning heads in the industry and among motorcycle enthusiasts with an undeniably unique look and makeup. It’s made of combination of carbon-fiber, integrated titanium and aerospace-quality steel, and powered by a 2-cylinder, four-stroke V-twin motor that delivers 200hp. The bike weighs just under 400 pounds and comes in a range of color schemes including the John Player Special black and gold from legendary Formula On racer Ayrton Senna‘s early years, and the British racing green donned by fellow F1 competitor Jim Clark.

If you like what you see, you’ll want to contact Lotus Motorcycles pronto! Officials announced that just 100 C-01 motorcycles will be produced. And, you’ll definitely want to pick up a set of E3 motorcycle spark plugs for a cleaner, stronger, racetrack-worthy performance.

What do you think – Love the new C-01 or hate it? Let us know your opinion on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.


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