Live in Snow Country? E3 Spark Plugs Says March is Ideal for Springtime Maintenance.

E3 Spark Plugs offers tips to make sure your motorized toys and tools are ready for springtime.

Come March 17, just a week away, spring will have officially sprung and people everywhere will be happily anticipating some warm-weather fun. Of course, many will be anticipating for a bit longer than others. Those living in the nation’s northernmost states may see another snowstorm or two before the grass greens and the locals don tank tops and flip flops. Either way, E3 Spark Plugs says March is the ideal time for springtime maintenance on all those motorized rides and tools that you’ll be using when the higher temperatures return.

Top priority might be your lawn and garden tools, including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws. If you haven’t already, replace the spark plugs, drain the old oil and gas and fill up anew, replace filters, sharpen or replace dull blades, and repair or replace any broken or worn parts including grips, cables and belts.

Itching to take that ATV out of the garage and hit the trails? Or are you an avid angler looking forward to some time on the water? Now is the time to replace the fluid in the lower gearbox of your boat’s outboard motor and replace the oil and fuel in your ATV. Also pick up new sets of boat spark plugs or powersports / performance spark plugs, including a back up set and a plug wrench to keep in your tackle box or ATV toolbox. Check E3 Spark Plugs’ online catalog to find just the right plugs for your tools and toys.

While you’re at it, it’s also a great time to check your wallet for expired driver’s licenses, fishing and hunting licenses or firearm licenses. Also check your tags and inspection stickers to make sure they’re still valid. Better to spend a few minutes now than to have your day on the water or the trails cut short when you get busted for past-due renewals.


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