Eco-Friendly LiFePO4 Batteries for Powersports

We’ve all heard of Lithium-Ion Batteries, they had become industry standard for anything electrical and motorized. Before the LiCoCO2 battery, Lead Acid batteries were the staple but were noted for their environmental toxicity and unreliability. But Lithium-Ion's superior performance came at a cost as well, they are also not environmentally friendly. Recently, Lithium-Ion batteries have become surpassed by LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which allows cars, trucks, and ATVs to utilize a much more efficient and reliable energy in accordance with the new and improved automotive advances and regulations. Moreover, powersports are particularly impacted by the need for a better source of power.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, quarantine lifestyle helped to escalate sales in powersports. In February 2020, sales had increased 18.4 %, that is a double digit jump from last February when the pandemic was just starting to turn heads. Motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, jet skis, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are selling faster than stores can stock them, so the need for a more efficient cost-effective battery is primary for people adding to their miscellany of toys to entertain and maintain their lifestyle and their sanity! People need distraction and what better treat than buying something that goes fast! With innovations in powersports comes new lighter vehicles with increased power capabilities.

Well, with these fancy toys, comes a need for a lighter supped up powersports lithium battery that can handle an innovative powersports engine. They need reliable power to do tricks, turn quicker, and accelerate faster which requires more energy than ever before. Well with that amount of push being put on an engine, overheating and poor battery discharge over its lifetime time has been a problem for older Lithium-Ion batteries.

The latest Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) battery edges out the Lithium Ion (LiCoCO2) battery by doubling its lasting power and an overall improved discharge. In comparison, the eco-friendly LiFePO4 charges faster, lasts longer, is more stable, and can withstand heat, cold, collision, and mishandling without risk of combustion. With our government’s increased environmental regulations on disposal, the one point that really makes the LiFePO4 standout - they are recyclable and non-toxic. There is no poisonous lead or acid, and they create no toxic gasses during use. Their potential to reduce carbon emissions is a huge benefit and a massive plus. Especially for any improved technology – when sales are through the roof – every little bit counts.

Knowing the LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery advantage over the traditional Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries, one’s worries are eased that this new and improved reliable battery will not leave them high and dry out in the desert with a dead, overheated ATV. So, joy ride away while you traverse deserts, go mudding down your favorite dirt roads, or race your bestie on a Sea-Doo! And do not forget to give them a splash because we could all use a little lighthearted fun after that remarkably craptastic of a year that I will not mention!


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