Leaving Las Vegas: E3 Spark Plugs Shows at SEMA 2009

SEMA Show 2009 just wrapped and E3 Spark Plugs is revved up about all the innovative new products and technologies in the automotive industry. This season, the common thread among major auto shows is a focus on fuel efficiency and leaner, greener products, technologies and approaches. E3 Spark Plugs felt right at home.

Aside from all the spectacular new vehicle models, and of course the beautiful female models accompanying them plus a host of TV and racing celebrities, a main attraction at SEMA Show 2009 was the Making Green Cool Zone. This exhibit area featured dozens of innovative solutions for refining existing automotive platforms including the internal combustion gasoline engine, and creating new products using alternative fuels and energy sources. E3 Spark Plugs is all about going green. In fact, our name reflects our original mission of improving ecology, efficiency and energy. Our DiamondFire spark plug technology is proven via extensive tests by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce toxic emissions including Hydrocarbon (CO2) and carbon (CO) emissions and fuel usage, while improving horsepower and torque.

Among the coolest things we spotted were GM’s new, highly anticipated E-Rod line of crate engines that are emissions-compliant with all of the hardware needed to make a vintage hotrod run as clean as any new vehicle. GM demonstrated one of its E-Rod engines with a 1955 Chevrolet two-door coupe. And w loved 3M’s Wraptivo designer car wraps, which allow you to create your own exterior look, panel by panel, on the Wraptivo computer. The machine then spits out adhesive-backed film that you apply to your vehicle using the heat of a hair dryer.
We also rubbed elbows with a host of celebrities including Rusty Wallace, UFC/MMA fighters, Maxim Magazine models, pro bull riders, authors of top selling automotive books and stars of automotive TV shows such as “Pimp My Ride,” “Overhaulin,” “Car Crazy TV” and “Two Guys Garage.”

E3 Spark Plugs will make another showing at SEMA 2010, Nov. 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mark your calendars.


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