Knowing When to Change Your Spark Plugs

A great working set of spark plugs is crucial to your vehicle's performance. And they don't last forever. Do you know when it's time to change yours? E3 Spark Plugs offers these six top tips.

  1. Your engine's got a rough idle: An idling engine normally produces about 1000rpm and gives off a constant, smooth sound. But if your spark plugs aren't performing the way they should, your engine will let you know with a rough, jittery sound and a produce a rough and jittery sound and heavy vibrations.
  2. You've got starting trouble: Car won't start? Your first guesses likely are that it's out of gas or the battery's busted. Instead, it may be that your spark plugs are worn. Plus, faulty spark plugs may drain your battery, which means you'll need to replace both.  
  3. Your engine misfires: When your engine misfires it causes the vehicle to jolt to a stop for a fraction of a second, then continue on.  This means one or more cylinders aren't firing properly, which means that you've got a bum spark plug.
  4. Your engine surges: When a vehicle sucks in more air than usual in the combustion process, the result is a jerking and slowing, or a series of continual starts and stops. This is also known as engine hesitation and can be seriously dangerous if it happens in heavy traffic.
  5. Your gas mileage is tanking: Bad spark plugs can cause your ride's fuel economy to decrease by up to 30 percent - a result of incomplete combustion. If you're spending more time at the gas pump than normal, faltering spark plugs may be to blame.
  6. Your acceleration stinks: If your foot's on the gas pedal and your car just isn't enthusiastically cooperating, it's because it's trying hard to pull itself along. That sluggishness is a result of worn out spark plugs. 

If it's time to change your spark plugs, go for the brand that promises a stronger, cleaner, more fuel-efficient engine performance. Visit E3 Spark Plugs' online catalog to find the right plug for your ride.


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