Ken Block’s Latest Gymkhana Video Production Tears Through Los Angeles

Rally racer Ken Block does donuts around LA’s landmark Randy’s Donuts structure in Los Angeles for his latest Gymkhana video series installment.

Described as the “largest viral-video space in the automotive space,” rally race driver Ken Block’s Gymkhana series has released its latest – Gymkhana 7: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles.

Block made a fortune co-founding (in 1994), running and ultimately selling his shares of DC Shoes, the crazy successful sports footwear and apparel company. He’s since turned his business focus to his Hoonigan Industries, an apparel brand for auto enthusiasts where he’s co-owner and Head Hoonigan In Charge. He began his national rally racing career in 2005, landing the Rally America’s Rookie of the Year title. Along the way, he’s become widely recognized as a major force in sports marketing, landing awards and scoring spots on multiple elite lists including Sports Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, Ad Age’s Marketing 50 and Fast Company’s Fast 50.

But over the past decade, he’s become known for his Gymkhana video series, named for the drifting-style school of driving and featuring Block tearing through the streets of multiple cities behind the wheel of various cars. This time, he’s driving a custom built 1965 Ford Mustang with an engine boasting more than 800hp. Highlights of the 12:08 video include Block speeding through a dry reservoir, doing a burnout under a freeway bridge, drifting beneath a levered hydraulic lowrider and doing donuts around an enormous “Randy’s Donuts” landmark structure in Inglewood.

The video reportedly took a year to plan and five days to shoot with a production crew of 100 utilizing dozens of cameras including elaborate Hollywood film-grade rigs, strategically located GoPros and a helicopter cam. Officials with the Los Angeles and New York police departments helped design the route. Gymkhana 7 also boasted a production budget of over $1 million, ponied up by Hoonigan, Ford and video-game maker Need for Speed. To date, the video has racked up more than nine million views.

We here at E3 Spark Plugs congratulate Block on his insane success – and urge our fans not to try this at home. What do you think of Gymkhana 7? Post your thoughts on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.


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