Kelly Blue Book’s Top 16 Family Vehicles

In February, Kelly Blue Book released their list of the top 16 best family cars of 2016. As the modern family has changed, so has the lineup of vehicles making the list. Gone are the days where only station wagons and minivans were seen as "family" vehicles. This year's list is full of surprises, a few of which we'll review here.

Many factors were analyzed including safety, cargo space, child seat readiness, and general usability. The original group of 24 was cut back to 16 after the final tests.

Subaru Outback - No big surprise here as the Outback features ample cargo room, off-road AWD, and drives with the agility and refinement of a passenger car. Reclining rear seats make for easy installment of child car seats and a more comfortable ride for adult passengers.

Honda Pilot - With seating for up to 8 passengers, the 2016 Pilot can fit adults in the 3rd row while still supplying plenty of cargo room. When the second and third row seats are folded flat, you have almost as much room as a large bed pick-up truck. Optional built-in entertainment and five USB outlets help keep the whole family happy during long road trips.

Nissan Pathfinder - This SUV is generally pleasant to drive and has several stand out features such as Nissan's "around view" monitors and easy flex-and-glide second row seats. With seating for seven and easy-access to the third row, your family will definitely be comfortable.

Kia Optima - After a fresh redesign which gave it the KBB Best Buy Award, the 2016 Optima sports up to 39 highway MPG, a nearly 16 cubic foot trunk, and very satisfying driving dynamics. The back seat is exceptionally roomy for a mid-sized sedan which makes child seat installation easier than ever.

Chevy Malibu - For those looking for safety the Malibu has got you covered. Featuring 10 air bags, optional pedestrian detection and a sound system, which mutes itself until everyone is buckled, this one was definitely designed with the family in mind.

Whichever you choose, the Kelly Blue Book guide is definitely a great place to start. To read the full article and learn about all 16 vehicles featured, click here. To determine the best automotive spark plug for your family vehicle, shop E3.


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