Jeff Gordon Stars on CBS’ “I Get That A Lot???

Racer Jeff Gordon appears on CBS’ “I Get That A Lot,” hawking motor oil at an Auto Zone store.

Hey racing fans, tune into CBS’ reality spoof show, I Get That A Lot tonight to see NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon thoroughly confuse customers at an Auto Zone store. The four-time Sprint Cup champion does an admirable job of hawking Quaker State Motor Oil to would-be buyers.

In one teaser clip, two friends laugh hysterically while an apparently oblivious customer argues against Gordon’s professional recommendation.

“He doesn’t even know who it is,” one says, pointing at ads just inches away featuring Gordon’s image and name.

The hour-long network special features highly recognizable celebrities working ordinary jobs. Hidden cameras capture the surprised looks of unsuspecting customers trying to figure out if their service is coming from iconic pop culture figures or spitting-image doppelgangers. The program has featured supermodel Heidi Klum slumming it at a pizza parlor; rapper and actor Ice-T hawking shoes; singer Jessica Simpson working as a Mac computer technician; country music star LeAnn Rimes waiting tables; and Extra host Mario Lopez serving up lunch from a Central Park hot dog stand.

The show airs tonight at 8 p.m., Eastern time. Tune in for the show, then log onto the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page and tell us what you’d say if you encountered the likes of Gordon behind an Auto Zone counter hawking spark plugs and motor oil.


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