“I’ve Never Licked a Spark Plug??? and Other Great Lyrics

Blues legend Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues" was one of few recordings released in his lifetime.

In one of his all-time greatest hits, Country crooner Randy Travis balked at the lyrical love language of city slickers, declaring salty ocean water and fall-prone stars unworthy testaments to a good ol’ boy’s romantic emotions. Yet much to our chagrin, Travis’ AMA winner failed to mention the love-inducing power of the spark plug among the snowflakes, Whippoorwills and Southland hollers. Thankfully, the appeal of a shiny new spark plug is not lost on the minds of a number of other songwriters and singers. E3 Spark Plugs offers this list of six great spark plug-loving tunes, from Country to Rap to Blues to comedic Folk to the creepiest Bluegrass you’ve ever heard.

“Terraplane Blues” by Blues legend Robert Johnson. Recorded in 1936 and later covered by Foghat, this song makes the famous Terraplane model a metaphor for love-making – quite the bold move in Johnson’s day. It was one of only a handful of Johnson’s recordings released during his lifetime.

I’m gon’ get down in this connection, oh well, keep on tanglin’ with these wires. And when I mash down on your little starter, then your spark plug will give me fire…

“There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio” by Aaaron Tippin. Ever try to sell a car with that line? Singer Aaron Tippin sold a few million albums with it. The song became his first No. 1 country hit.

She needs a carbuerator, a set of plug wires. She’s riding me around on four bald tires. The wipers don’t work and the horn won’t blow, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with the radio…

“Nobody Does it Better,” by late rap artist Nate Dogg and Warren G. Born Nathaniel Hale, Nate Dogg lived the fast life, contributing to more than 40 music chart singles but racking up a hailstorm of legal and health woes. He passed away earlier this year.

They call me DJ and the spark plug, keepin’ it licked. There is no accident for these platinum hits…

“Chainsaw Charlie” by Angry Johnny and the Killbilles. We guess you can’t blame a guy for a love-gone-wrong song that involves a pickle jar filled with formaldehyde when he comes from a place called Killville, Massachusetts.

She’s leaving on the 10:05, tomorrow morning it’ll be too late. Maybe it’s the spark plug, or the gas he siphoned from his daddy’s truck, but that Poulan won’t cooperate. It looks like Charlie might be out of luck…

“The 12 Elan” by Buddy Wassisname & the Other Fellers. This trio combines Canadian folk music and rubber-faced comedy ala Jim Carrey, and are in dire need of a set of E3 snowmobile spark plugs.

Her hood is stitched with wire, and her windshield is tied on. Her spark plug runs on the lighting coil, she’s wired up all wrong! I taped a flashlight on her hood because the headlight’s gone. And the muffler bolts are all stripped out, and the track is stretched too long!

“The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,” by Relient K. It’s the title song of the first theatrically released computer animated film distributed by Universal Studios. A 18th century pirate crew of zany vegetable characters experience high seas adventures, dinner theatre and barbecue sauce.

“And I’ve never licked a spark-plug and I’ve never sniffed a stink bug and I’ve never painted daisies on a big red rubber ball. And I’ve never bathed in yogurt and I don’t look good in leggings and I’ve never been to Boston in the fall…

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