Is Your Ride Among the All-Time Best Selling Cars?

You see them every day - Lots of them, and for good reason. They're the all-time best-selling vehicles in America, as compiled by researchers at the Wall Street Cheat Sheet. Is your ride among the most popular in automotive sales history?

  • 10 - Chevrolet Impala: The Bowtie Brand has sold 14 million units since introducing the car as the Bel Air Impala in 1958.
  • 9 - Volkswagen Passat: Despite being on the roadways for far less time than the Impala, the Passat has sold more than 15.5 million units since its 1973 debut.
  • 8 - Ford Model T: Credited with setting the benchmark for mass-production cars, the Model T, first appearing in 1908, sold 16.5 million units, making it the most populous car on America's roadways at one time.
  • 7 - Honda Accord: Known for its reliability, the Accord initially was released as a compact, since has become a favored sedan, selling 17.5 million units since 1976.
  • 6 - Honda Civic: Slightly ahead of its sibling ride, the Honda Civic has sold 18.5 million units since its 1973 debut.
  • 5 - Ford Escort: The Escort sold 18 million cars between its 1968 debut and its 2000 discontinuance. And if this one's got you scratching your head, that' probably because it proved far more popular in Europe than in the US.
  • 4 - Volkswagen Beetle: First released in 1938, the Beetle boasts one of the longest lifespans of any vehicle, selling 23.5 million units.
  • 3 - Volkswagen Golf: The Golf has sold 27.5 million, outpacing its beloved sibling despite the Beetle's 36-year head start by 4 million. Some 27.5 million Golfs have been sold since 1974.
  • 2 - Ford F-Series: Selling a mind-boggling 35 million units since 1948, Ford's F-Series trucks consistently top of the bestselling cars list each month, typically by a margin of twofold over the second place finisher.
  • 1 - Toyota Corolla: And the winner is… The Corrola has moved a whopping 37.5 million units in its half-century on America's roadways, and its highly lauded recent redesign assures there's no stopping this popular ride.

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