Ice Racing Fires Up on Frozen Great Lakes

Near the southwest corner of Michigan's upper peninsula winter racing fans of all ages gather together for what has become a true community event. For the past 28 years, residents of Delta County have brought their motorcycles and ATVs to Lake Michigan to partake in an epic racing event. Every Sunday between January and March the Great lakes Ice Racing team clears off the ice to create a race track worthy of the pros.

The events have become a real family sport with racers from 4 to 70 years old taking competing in the events. Speed, gear, and skill all come together for some of the best ice racing you can find anywhere in the U.S. "There's a lot of fast bike here and it's so fun, I'm new to this so I'm learning a lot yet, but still having a blast racing with everybody," said rookie ice racer Cody Kleiman.

Events are broken down into junior, women's, amateur, and pro with points and titles awarded at all levels. "It's a family sport it's great for the kids and great for the family we all come together out here pass the winter away," said racing mom Rose Kujala, "It's exhilarating and awesome to watch them do a great job but it's also very nerve wracking."

All races are open to the public and spectators are encouraged to come out. Pro racer Kyle Meiers said "we need more people to come out, and the more the better." A five dollar donation fee is all that's required to enjoy these amazing races taking place at the boat launch off county road 420 just west of Gladstone. Lucky for race lovers, Delta County Airport is just a few miles south of the races and easy to get to from most major airports. If you love racing as much as we do, you'll definitely want to check out the Gladstone Ice Races before the ice thaws.


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