Get Your Outdoor Tools and Toys Ready

Depending on the part of the country where you reside, getting your tools and toys ready for the winter months may hold different challenges. But, for most of us, it is pulling our stuff out of storage and preparing it for the cooler months ahead. After all, the change seasons will bring new opportunities to use them, so here's some tips for E3 Spark Plugs:

Chainsaw - Whether you need to remove debris or cut up firewood, a chainsaw is an essential outdoor tool for the cooler months. Start by removing the old gas and change the oil. It is a good idea to remove and clean the carburetor with carb cleaner. Check the cutting chain and pull rope for wear. Clean the air filter and install a new E3 spark plug.

Snow Blower - Having a well-tuned snow blower makes dealing with heavy snowfalls much easier. Start by removing old gas and change the oil. Check all belts and pulleys. Check scraper bar and snow thrower blades for wear. Install a new E3 spark plug.

Tractor - Even though the grass isn't growing, your lawn tractor is a handy winter tool for hauling, scraping, etc. Start by removing the old gas and change the oil. Now is a good time to replace oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. Tires lose air when the weather changes, so pump them up. Install new E3 spark plugs for a better burn.

Snowmobile - Chances are your ride has been in storage during the warmer months. Unless you added fuel stabilizer before storage, remove the old gas and change the oil. Inspect your drive belt (a worn one can leave you stranded) and brakes. Check and service your engine's cooling system and clean the air filter. Don't forget to install a new E3 spark plug for peak winter performance.

The procedures discussed above will benefit you with safe and reliable performance during the colder months. It is always a good idea to warm your engine a little longer when starting the motor during the winter. That will allow everything come up to operating temperature and prevent a sluggish performance. So, why are your waiting? Prep your tools and toys and fire'm up.


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