Hot Wheels Gets Real

Hot Wheels hits real life with the Double Loop Dare at the 2012 X-Games Los Angeles June 30.

Remember when you were a kid spending hours launching your little die-cast metal Hot Wheels cars down that loopy, winding bright orange plastic track and wishing it were all real? Well, for two guys with more nerve than we’ve got, that childhood fantasy is finally coming true this Saturday, June 30 at the X-Games Los Angeles.

Towering over Downtown LA this weekend will be the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare with 60-foot-tall loops – roughly the height of a six story building. And two X-Games champs will brave the force of 7 Gs, taking those loops at 60 miles per hour. Team Hot Wheels Yellow Driver Tanner Foust is a three-time X-Games Gold medalist and two-time Formula Drift champ who, incidentally, successfully landed Hot Wheels’ world record breaking distance jump at last year’s Indianapolis 500. Green Driver is Greg Tracy, a six-time Pikes Peak champion and one of the top stuntmen in Hollywood.

If you can’t make it to Los Angeles to see the action in person, you can watch the live broadcast on ABC and ESPN beginning at 11:15 a.m. PDT. And you can bet replays will be all over the social media sites, including Hot Wheels’ Facebook page.

While we’re waxing nostalgic, we’re curious – Which vintage Hot Wheels car from your childhood would you most like to see take the real-world Double Loop Dare? The E3 Spark Plugs staff have posted a few favorites below. Share yours on our Facebook fan page.




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