Hot Rod Power Tour Co-Sponsored by E3 Spark Plugs Revs Up This Weekend

This 1958 Impala impressed at the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour. the 2012 cruise revs up this weekend near Detroit.

Hot Rod magazine’s 18th Annual Hot Rod Power Tour revs up this weekend for a seven-day, seven-city cruise from Detroit, Michigan to Austin, Texas. Touted as the “ultimate gearhead road trip,” the tour is a rolling tribute to the performance car. You’ll see muscle cars from every decade since the 1930s, shined and souped up.

Each stop of the tour features the Lucas Oil / E3 Spark Plugs Dyno, open to all registered participants. Live music, games and giveaways, automotive celebrity interviews, after parties and even a few appearances by the beautiful Miss Magnaflow and Miss Hot Rod round out each stop.

Check the list for the Hot Rod Power Tour stop nearest you, or pack your own ride and join us for the long haul.

  • June 2, GM Proving Grounds, Milford, MI (near Detroit)
  • June 3, Downtown, Muskegon, MI
  • June 4, Assembly Hall, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
  • June 5, Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, IL
  • June 6, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, OK
  • June 7, Kicker Corporate Complex, Stillwater, OK
  • June 8, QuikTrip Park, Arlington, TX

Got a sweet ride you want to show off. Enter onsite for $90, whether you show at one stop, a few stops, or go for long-hauler status and make every stop of the tour. Want to see the show as a spectator? A one-day registration is $30. Opt for a $90 multi-day pass and you’ll score a goody bag and chances for giveaways. And be sure to post your Hot Rod Power Tour pics on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.


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